Let’s talk about last night… at the Amazing Club’s launch party

The amazing clubSometimes with a toddler, a husband, a job, a blog, a dog, and an endless to-do and should-do list, it can be a bit difficult finding a bit of time to just be me.

To get a bit giggly, to have a glass – or three – of prosecco, to chatter about stuff that isn’t important, but just interesting.

And it appears I’m not alone with this.

Which is why the Amazing Club came about.

Set up by two make-up artists (who happen to be sisters-in-law) its aim is to be somewhere women can escape, chat and rediscover themselves. To stop feeling like a watered down version of yourself. To meet new people. A reason to make time for you. It’s not just for mummies. Or business women. It’s for all women. A supportive group. A grown-up gang. A tribe.

And last night was the club’s launch party. And it was AMAZING. Held at (the newly revamped and oh-so very lovely) Made@94, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, me and some other lovely ladies made the most of the me-time.

Entry was £5 plus an item(s) of sanitary wear which will support the women at Harp’s White Heather House.

The vibe was so positive. I left feeling inspired. Cheered. And already looking forward to the next gathering…

Cheers ladies!

Find the Amazing club on Instagram @the_amazing_club_hub

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