Let’s talk about… Pink Vanilla Events’ Tipsy Tea Party

Katy Pearson, #whatkatyydidUK
Child-free… and enjoying the fizz

It’s not often I get a whole toddler-free Saturday afternoon.

So when I do, I really, really want them to be fun. Which is why I was delighted to be invited along to Pink Vanilla Events’ first ever tipsy tea party.

Held at the Rayleigh Club, the afternoon is the brainchild of creative director, Amy Langmead.

And, Oh My God, was it a fun few hours.

When we arrived at 2pm we were greeted by a couple of butlers in the buff (*blushes*) and handed a glass (the first of many) of prosecco. (NB if you’re given a glass of prosecco with a puff of blue candyfloss on the top, eat it, don’t push it into your glass. It’ll turn your fizz blue and you’ll end up looking like you’ve got a flute of WKD blue in your hand. Classy.)

There was live music, bottomless prosecco (which really was free flowing) and proper tasty afternoon tea delights – the top tier of which totally glittered.

And then, in the BEST surprise, the oh so attentive waiters (one left me a little bottle of prosecco on my table – for emergencies!) transformed into super funny, super talented singers. I literally did not stop laughing for their entire act. They were awesome.

It was a brilliant way to round-up the afternoon, which finished at 5pm – perfect for mamas like me who need to home for the bathtime/bedtime shenanigans.

And that was pretty much Amy’s thinking behind the event.

“Being a mum, I massively appreciate the odd early night when work allows, so the Tipsy Tea Party is perfect,” she explained.

“It’s an afternoon out with your besties, some fizz and frolics and a nice early night still – perfection! It’s also great for baby showers, birthday celebrations and a hen party that you want your nans and aunties to come and enjoy with you, a little more low key than a ladies night, but still lots of fun!”

So what inspired the new tipsy tea party?

“Our Pink Stiletto Night is amazing, its fun, its bright, its lively, but it isn’t for everyone, some ladies prefer a more low key afternoon tea party and choose this for their baby showers and hen parties, or just an afternoon with their closest friends and family,” Amy said.

“One day I thought, how wonderful would it be if you could combine the two, have the element of the afternoon tea, lovely cakes and sweet treats, chats with your besties, some bubbles, lovely music, but of course with some Pink Vanilla pazzazz along the way. Cue The Tipsy Tea Party!”

Safe to say, I had a FABULOUS time. I’m totally lining up babysitters for the next one…

Fancy attending the next tipsy tea party? Find out more at www.pinkvanillaevents.com

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