Today I’m loving… my new parent discount at Cook

Cook food dish
From Cook: Tiger Prawns in a sweet chilli sauce with pan-fried garlic, sauteed red peppers and mangetout

I finished work five weeks before my due date and was super organised.

Figuring there wouldn’t exactly be much time for getting creative in the kitchen with a newborn, I spent days cooking up meals with plenty extra to freeze. (In fact, the night before my waters broke I was obsessively making Ferrero Rocher bites – I *might* have gone a little mad by this point!)

The last of this frozen food (kindly added to by my family in those first sleep-deprived-is-it-night-who-am-I days) was eaten this week.

And though Sonny Jim is sleeping much better these days, there just isn’t the time for cooking a lot of the dishes I used to.

Which is why Cook is now one of my new favourite things.

There are 84 Cook shops located across England and in Scotland and Wales  – one of which is on the Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea, which is where I discovered them.

In the shops you’ll find a full range of frozen ready meals, entertaining food, puddings and cakes. The firm prepares all food by hand, so you can enjoy meals that look and taste as good as those you’d make yourself – if you actually had any time to make them!

On every Cook dish you’ll find the name of the chef who prepared your food and the food looks and tastes homemade (or maybe even a bit better than some of my efforts!)

It’s not silly expensive either, and what’s more, Cook offers a six-month 10 per cent discount to all new parents. The six months can start during pregnancy, on your baby’s birth date itself, or at any time in the first six months.

With Sonny Jim now four months old, and my own frozen homemade efforts dwindled to  nothing, now seemed the perfect time to take advantage of it.

And so far it’s a huge thumbs up from the hubby and me. In fact, we’ve just put away a super tasty sweet chilli and garlic prawn number, accompanied by some scrummy soy noodles. Thanks Cook!

Are you a new parent or a parent-to-be? Bag your discount now at

One thought on “Today I’m loving… my new parent discount at Cook

  1. Cook can get you out of a hole, I find it’s great for those nights you fancy a ‘healthier takeaway’ option. Easy to make (obviously) and not as bad for you as takeaway Thai or Chinese 😊

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