Oh baby, it’s your first Christmas!

Okay. I admit it. I’ve gone a *little* bit overboard this year. But it is my first baby’s first Christmas, and I figure if I can’t indulge my inner Mrs Claus this year, then when can I?

Anyway, in pursuit of the perfect festive-wear for Sonny Jim (there are rather a lot of outfits in his wardrobe. Xmas pud? Check. Elf? Check. Reindeer? Check. Candy cane sleepsuits? Check…) I’ve come across some really lovely outfits.

So, here are some of my favourites…

And some, ahem, bloody brilliant sleepsuits…

And some cracking Christmas jumpers…

Stockist information:
Annabel James: www.annabeljames.co.uk
Blade & Rose: www.bladeandrose.co.uk
Crab and The Fox Ltd: www.crabandthefox.com
Debenhams: www.debenhams.com
George at Asda: www.asda.com/george
H&M: www.hm.com
John Lewis: www.johnlewis.com
M&Co: www.mandco.com
Marks & Spencer: www.marksandspencer.com
Mira Mira: www.miramira.ie
Mothercare: www.mothercare.com

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