I’m loving… MURI candles

MURI candle
Mama’s little indulgence: A MURI candle

Having posh candles, when you have a little one, can be something of an indulgence.

I mean, what with the no sleep, the feeding, the playing, the classes, who has time to go lighting candles? (Safely placed wellllllll out of reach of the oh-so-curious buba of course!)

But I’ve always had a candle or two burning about my house – it just makes it feel more cosy, more hygge you could say – and that hasn’t changed since the arrival of Sonny Jim.

That said, with me being on maternity leave and the boy constantly out growing clothes and starting to eat his body weight in grub, there’s not quite the budget there once was for super expensive candles (so long my Jo Malone lovelies.)

Which is why I do a little dance of joy when I come across fabulous, high quality candles, that don’t cost an absolute fortune!

MURI candles are my latest find. Natural soy wax and pure vanilla beans fragrance oil have been hand poured by Marianne at her East London home into a classic white and blue enamel mug. The candle has a burn time of 45+ hours and the classic camping mug is resistant to heat and can be re-used once candle is finished (just wash with warm water and soap!)

As MURI candles are soy they burn colder and up to 50 per cent longer than normal paraffine. Soy wax also burns more evenly and does not release any toxins when burning, reducing the risk of associated allergies. So big ticks up all round.

And did I mention the price? At £12 each, they’re not going to go breaking the bank any time soon! Hurrah.

Fancy treating yourself? You can find MURI candles on Etsy, or just click here.

I was gifted this candle by MURI

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