Today I’m loving… my Funki Flamingo baby sling

So when you have a newborn in tow literally everything seems to get just a tad more challenging. Sleeping is obviously pretty much a thing of the past and even finding time to go to the loo is difficult.

So anything that makes the feeding-filled, cry-averting days easier is all good. And my Funki Flamingo baby sling tops the list of things that do that (after the husband of course!)

This sling – bought for me when Sonny was about two weeks old – is my new favourite accessory. When the bubba is snuggled in it your hands are free. Both of them. At the same time.

And what’s more Sonny loves it so much he happily falls asleep in it. So long as I’m moving about (so no sitting down!) he’s a model of contentment 90 per cent of the time. In fact studies have shown that the more babies are held, the less they cry and fuss. And I figure if my little guy isn’t spending loads of energy on crying but calmly taking in the world around him that can only be a good thing (for him and me…and the neighbours!)

Funki Flamingo premium baby carrier, £49.99:

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